Sunday, March 15, 2009

losin my senses

i dunno if its the summer or the course of events in life. i feel everything collapsing around me this time.. and could be something common to those eyes that have been around me for a long time. people think its a recurring problem i have wit life... DEPRESSION ! :)

well... things are no longer to be the same. and i feel i am no longer poised for those things i thought i needed to achieve. is tat my health ?! or something more to do wit my mind ? :) few questions i need to answer.

As a resultant of frustration i kinda put a stop to my orkut profile. this time i'vent deleted it ... but wont be using it.. perhaps for a LONG time ! for those who need to reach me ... please mail me and u'll get my contact number ! :)

sorry for the BLOG on a standstill !

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