Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The rat race begins !!

The last post was disturbing…. Note the dates.. ! :) I can only say I wish to continue to use this repository.. AGAIN ! :) things have changed .. indeed moved on. This time only for the better I believe ! :)

The stroll of teenage to end of college life indeed laid the bricks for the ultimate rat race. Kept reassuring myself that everything that I do from now on would inevitable be for the GOOD. Life takes many courses and I went the Infy way. Training starts… life begins the BIG corporate way. From the awe inspiring infrastructure to the mind boggling campus, the whole place was a paradise.. or was it? !!! Made some awesome friends. Yup… dearly miss them. More than the technical skill set for the resume, I believe this life taught me 2 things…. Very important things !!

How to work without much sleep !! … and next… How to be lucky and always be on the RIGHT side of life. Alcohol became a source of life… smokes became the literal constant in life to keep the gravity HIGH :) just the bare necessities to stand your ground and wait for the inevitable ! :) Those who can relate can … and i'm sure… will nod in the affirmative :) ! On the note of dedication… Thanks for all the smokes I borrowed… for all the care I received when I was low ... and to the computer screens when I dint know wot the answer to the questions were ! :) Cheers to all ! :)

And then came the familiar gang… Classmates from school… friends from different parts of the country whom I thought I would never meet again… all came together.. ! :) alcohol.. weed .. smokes.. guitars… gazebo and the module tests… surprisingly… this coagulation cobwebbed life in a way… but never made u trip n fall… its just like the feeling u have when you are in a crowded bus. It is so crowded that u actually don’t have to hold anything to support … because all are in the same shit ! :) and that's precisely what we all were going through during the training at Infy… we were all in the same SHIT… more importantly.. TOGETHER ! :)

Dedicated to Advait, Raghu and Vishalmysore drinking escapade was one of the most stunning nites ! :)

Leaving training was the most nostalgic experience in my life… so far. Left the place in a hurry.. and when I was actually driving back home.. it struck me … and there it was … “ What now with life ? where the FU** am I heading now ? “ . Friends were gone… all biting on to their piece of flesh in different directions ! and there was me on the list too. Where on earth is life heading ? perfect example of the Quarter life crisis. I think I was running the rat race… and ran all the way from Mysore to Cochin to Trivandrum to land at Bangalore ! Came here to feel at home with the Brotherhood in Advait, Vipul and Sourabh... (Aka thakur... patel and sanghi respectively... )and the NEVER SAY NO to anything - Namitha, Abhishek.. (stillfler)... Pallavi n Roli (aka Bhatti n Ms. Confused(or is she)...) ... big brother Sourabh Bhaiya(he is the Big B :))... and many more to come :) always dreamt of being here living MY LIFE… MY WAY ! … adding life to the BLOG NAME…. LIVING MY MIND ! and here continues the NEXT lap of the JOURNEY ! stay tuned ! :)

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