Thursday, May 6, 2010

16 feet away ... !


Monotony is an aggressive depressant ! and only a few things blossom in your life that perhaps add the right seasoning to that monotonous life we all hate to pursue… but for the sake of credit cards, coffee day breaks, pubs and the responsibility… quietly push the life ahead ignoring those imperfections :)

The time of my life when I felt that everyone I CRAVE to be with are away beyond the horizon…. There sure comes a hope of light :)

Eyes matter a lot for communication in this world when words are seldom used over the messengers and mails ! Eyes communicate and so Does the SMILE and the blink J She would come early … (before me anyways) and I would never fail to notice her presence. Even though the zone makes you feel like day or night has a CFL to replace the sun, her eyes through her glasses make her pretty. Brown eyes… that’s all I noted at the first look.

Every time we cross each other (coincidentally .. EVERYDAY…) v look at each other… make that eye contact and just pass each other. NO smile. No words spoken. Absolutely NOTHING exchanged. She looks nice…and it makes me look dumb ! (and otherwise too)

I had this habit of looking at ID cards and thanks to the sharp eyes i've maintained for that dream to be in the Army… I still spot small things very clearly even from a distance. Perhaps its situational disorders like the one that I’m going to mention that perhaps changes the course of life ! J Because whenever i’ve tried to spot her name from the ID card around her neck, eyes go BLURD, lights go dim and DHAMMMM …. I find myself facing the wall or gaping in your seat like a from waiting for the prey.

Sometimes you straighten your attitude and even when you are conscious of her presence moving in the opposite direction , u look busy into the phone or at watch just to save the embarrassment. Otherwise you share a smile and smirk with yourself en route to the pantry… saving the confrontation… but listening to her voice. I don’t hear the violins… but I do hear commotion of all the cubicles bustling with VoIP phones ringing and programs facing roadblocks ! :)

And there comes the manager and tells you , ” Hey let’s move you into a more challenging team. Let’s get you moved to another location on the floor where you can be in proximity with your new team members “.

At first it felt nice to receive something challenging… tried and tested coming up in your career ladder… and on the next blink you realize…the lady who alas caught your eye was just 16 feet away… always getting that attention and perhaps you never know what she thought about. “ do you even know her name ?! “… damn… there you go sitting miles away… where a minute equates to an HOUR of your life and perhaps craving…

A thought gushes in… “ out of sight and out of mind ”… does that really work ? is it more important to focus in demanding situations (… like looking at the ID card ? )…and stay afloat of the rest of the drowning crowd ?!

Keep pondering… :) one day I’ll find her name :) and tell her she got pretty brown eyes ! (And that’s all !! ;) )

And that how 16 feet of space can influence can catch your eye ! :)

PS : This work is truly a FIGMENT of my imagination… and I’m a certain believer of “ Imagination always has a lot of reality “ . Comments welcome J

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  1. Nice 1... could have been a lil better.. it was a lil confusing in the beginning!!