Monday, February 2, 2009

Dream... Passion... Potential

Considering the possibility tat a dream can become a reality... and understanding or realizing it as one's inner potential is truly a possibility beyond understanding sometimes.

One might indulge in a variety of actions tat may sometimes divert the mind and at times create enough questions to understand oneself.

I'm a 21 year old engineering student (Barely Engineer for the BE) . I may not have a lot of experience to speak related to a lot of events even barely related to reality. This is just a pursuit of living MY mind ... MY way ... and hopefully realising wot i wish to achieve.

We all have dreams , sometimes obscure beyond minds flexibility. I've had dreams tat have come true. Dreams tat were stepping stones to success ( .. or tats wot i thought) and potential to do things not many could achieve.

Sometimes we think of becoming millionaires. Sometimes its just about leaving everything possess and go on a journey to gain knowledge.Some people TRAVEL... some write ... some LOVE the language... and others FALL in love ! :)

This journey begins here for me . En route to try ... experiment and succeed wit tremendous possibilities of the mind and reach my point of REALIZATION.Lets make everyday an experiment to realise wot v are capable of and wot we love doing :)


  1. pursue ur heart!! follow ur dream.. rock on!!! awesome man!!de picture on top.. wonderful selection..