Friday, February 6, 2009

... an equivocal monomaniac's pathway to GOD !

"I saw with my eyes open that all the things of the room together with the walls were rapidly whirling and receding into an unknown region, and my I-ness together with the whole universe was, as it were, going to vanish in an all devouring great void. I was then overwhelmed with terrible fear. I knew that the destruction of I-ness was death, so I thought that death was before me, very near at hand. Unable to control myself, I cried out loudly, saying, 'ah. What is it you have done to me? I have my parents, you know."

Wonderin as to wot they mean ? This is the part of a conversation between Ramakrishna paramahansa and his loving disciple Vivekananda.

Vivekananda was an athiest for a beginner and attempted at possessing an attitude tat is rational to answer the many paradigms existing for GOD.He came across to hear abt a divine being at the Dakshineshwar temple who claimed to hav seen and also make a conversation wit GOD himself. After a visit to the temple and meetin him he felt he is speakin to a MONOMANIAC. Vivekananda tried to explain the concept of god in a less complicated way though.

he questioned wit skepticism to find some real answers. Ramakrishna made him sit at the temple .He (ramakrishna) went into a divine mood and touched Vivekananda with his right foot. Immediately Vivekananda had a wonderful experience, which is as above in quoted text ! :)

a realization rushed past me.and i opened my eyes to an experience. This is wot happened a few months back when i sat down for a coffee wit dad ( oh he likes TEA :) .. im the coffee guy ) and wit his abundance in spirituality it struck the right note wit the story he narrated.

and i learnt... GOD is an EXPERIENCE.He comes in as an energy ... a cistern of the immense experience we call LIFE. Sometimes u feel, sometimes u perceive in a thought and most of the time u EXPERIENCE god. it came as a lesson tat i happened to ponder when i made visit to the temple after a long time ... for i got the first signs of me gettin a job admist the global recession.. :) [and tas today though :) ]

Im happy.. and thank you Acha for tat quote u mentioned else i would have been oblivious forever


  1. hmm, 1. good you started blogging, 2. bad you have started to depend on something that has never been proven to exist or no by leaving all the important decisions to him.

    Hope you do not go into fate and hua accha hua, jo hoga accha hoga kinda attitude...its going to kill you man.

  2. he he . thanks for tat anand. well if u read frm the beginin of the blog.. i kinda mentioned its goin to be a journey. :) kinda an ode of life tat takes me thru the times ive been thru an enjoyed... and at times repented for ! :) and ya i got somethin in there abt FATE too ! :)