Saturday, February 7, 2009

the MOONz evenin walk.. !

Look whose WALKIN !!!... :) Came as a surprise at 4:45 pm IST :) Sp much for the DAY dreamers ...Look out for more from the LenzWatch series .

Device : Nokia n80 3.2 MP
Date : 06-02-09
Time : 1645 hours
Location : Coimbatore

Feel free to comment... even if it is just a "hi" :)
and im waiting for interesing cameras i can use .... for the photographer in me ! :) Pls feel free to mail me.Would be my pleasure to reply..

UPDATE : LensWatch is comin soon on my slideshow too.So u got something interesting to share froum ur lens ? The email link is just arnd the corner :)

1 comment:

  1. Seems as if you personified Mr.Moon!! Givin him a nice stroll path.....
    Yeah a suggestion.... try usin d macro option on ur cam! bet ur sketches deserve dat attention...
    gr8 goin happy foto bloggin!