Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nostalgia... memoirs... and a few TEARS of joy !

Lazing around wit a mellow day... i was upto nothing.was thinking as to wot to do for a blog entry. For the emotional infant in me ... I'm bound to a lot of things touching and emotionally inclined. Always appreciate .

Evening was surprising wit a hand to hold on to and a lot of promise i could only BELIEVE in dreams.Ya believe wit my dream as to wot i believe is wot i wish to make a reality. I love those hands i held and it leaves me wit only these to say : (something i etched in my mind)

Well I was sitting, waiting, wishing
You believed in superstitions
Then maybe you'd see the signs

The Lord knows that this world is cruel

I ain't the Lord, no I'm just a fool
Learning lovin' somebody don't make them love you

aaaahh.. i still crave for Ur hands .... still crave to play your fool... still waiting to feel your love... stil waitin to hold those hands and ur mind i dance along in those streams in my dreams :)

still sitin wit the fag end of the smoke.. and feelin the nicotine rush... there came a BLING ring on the phone . It was a text from an old friend of mine. Someone iven seen for almost 14 to 17 years. My first sister who tied a rakhi for me ..First person who made me realise tat BEST friends are for ever.. past the milestones of time and shattering the cliche concept of
OUT OF SIGHT and OUT of SIGHT !:) thank u sister.

Those pics u see at the top are thumbs of some of the best times i had back when i was nothin bigger than a CRICKET bat ... at belgaum , Karnataka... 17 years ago...

Felt the mild pinch of nostalgia when i combined wit Rakesh omprakash's mehra's production wonder DELHI 6 soundtrack ... where u feel the rich essence of RAHMANIA... oh ya .. tas the magic of rahman as many acclaimed critics COINED it ! :) ... oh ya im talking of MASAKALI ! :) listen to it ! :)

and till now I'm still siting .. HIGH on nostalgia and as i type .. i feel the screen go glum wit my eyes going wet and heart going heavy... Thank u Anamika chechi... for those wonderful memoirs to be injected as a lifeline into my life.. when i felt life was strolling low .. waiting for an inevitable crash.. :)

guess i got another leash of life to take it at least a few steps more ... just a few more to find myself..and i wish i were 3 years old..... AGAIN..
guess my eyes are heavy enf to just stop here ...

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  1. i dont knw y... but can't xpress as not gettng words dear......jst a fact u..i am... i am ..and am ur big sis....till am live..ur words brought tears in my eyes...... love u dear...