Monday, February 2, 2009

Sketches... the mind's curves :)

Strolling past an uninteresting life wit indefinite desolation... i happened to stumble across this new found interest to sketch.

Aboulia ... was one of the states experienced amidst the strife to bring emotions on paper.Sometimes i thought i should begin a PHOTO BLOG... got the spark from a friend who asked me to get a jump start on tat.

It all happened on an evening at the age 17. i was having a tough time with the 12h grade. Being into sports... i tried different things to keep me on field.. tat included commitment to practice and giving it the best . well... a few RED marks on the report card and a BROKEN leg definitely left some of the dreams shattered. :) and a few slams on the face too . And then came this indomitable thirst to sketch. ya a THIRST i HAD to quench.At first ... it started as a a dedication.. then it became more n more serious. i gave up food n water to sketch. well.. LITERALLY... cos i felt my emotions demanded much more than food or water.

Are u thinking if I'm gonna b an artist and start a gallery ? he he ... probably u are mistaken. cos i spent so much time n effort into them ... tat it takes me HOURS to finish them(somes even 8 hours at a stretch) and its been only 14 special sketches tat I've completed... in a course of 4 years.. ( ive never really taken any classes into it... its one bunch of emotions there :) )

i gave in the time n effort... but lacked something to carry it ON... as a PASSION. i opened my mind to the realm of sketching... lived the bursts of happiness in it too... but it was all missing something. wot was it ?! still thinking.. living.. exploring and understanding ! :)

maybe i lack PERFECTION to it ... wots ur say on it ?!


  1. Speechless :)
    Best remains so forever; and it's existence makes best reasons to believe in 'The Best'